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She takes care of the small stuff

I have been on many adventures with Katie and she is my favorite.  I’ve been on a complicated paddle, camping, and backpack trip with 30 women, 1 small bathroom, changing boats, and we worked like a well oiled machine.  Katie handles all the details for you.  You’ll get a list of what to expect, pin-pointed maps, what to bring, and your timeline.  Being a busy Mom who is always in charge of vacations and outings it is so nice to have someone do that for me.  I just show up with my list of stuff and she takes care of the rest.  She prides herself on knowing what to expect.  My favorite story was a paddling trip I did with her.  Turns out she hadn’t actually done the trip before, so weeks before she took her own family and experienced it before she took the group out.  She works with other outfitters for equipment and skills like rappelling.  They really seem to enjoy working with her and her groups.  You can really tell everyone she works with enjoys their job.  When she’s with you it feels more like a friendship than a service.  She enjoys nature and showing you the places she loves to explore.  You can tell she is having as much fun as you are.   She covers all the small details like taking a few pictures of you, because Mom is always the one behind the camera so she never gets pictures of herself having fun.  Her cancel and reschedule policies are very reasonable.  She makes every effort to get you on that adventure!  She sends reminders for the events, reminders of time differences if you are in a different time zone, and even directions from your area.  She has a huge following because she is really good at what she does.  You will love her!  - Shawna

Husband approved

My favorite outdoor excursions and memories are with Katie. She is the most knowledgeable and experienced tour guide you will ever find! Whenever my husband asks me who’s in charge, and I say Katie, he says “Have fun!” because he knows I’m in good hands!  I have made everlasting friendships on our adventures together!  - Janelle 

Meets the challenge

I have been with Katie through several adventures, and she is terrific. I love how organized she stays and how she communicates with everyone. Any time you go on a new adventure, it's a big challenge to know what to expect. Katie meets that challenge in the best way possible. She has really helped me feel prepared, even when I was a little nervous to go somewhere I've never gone, or try something I've never tried. I also love that she leads groups of women. There is something about connecting with a bunch of women in nature that is just soul-nourishing for me.  - Jenny

Great learning experience in nature

I was able to attend Katie's 2 night backpacking trip to Coyote Gulch in Spring of 2018.  The weekend went way above and beyond my expectations. This was my first self supported overnight backpacking trip so I was quite nervous, but Katie made it so easy and doable for all of us.  She was so organized and prepared.  I was given very detailed instructions for packing and knew exactly what I was getting into.  Katie had thoroughly studied the terrain and had multiple GPS trackers so we knew where we were at all times.  The best part of the trip for me was learning so much from Katie and the other girls.  I got so many tips on how to pack my pack evenly and the best snacks and equipment to bring.  By the 3rd day I felt like a pro myself.  I've been on many more adventures with Katie and learn so much each time.  This year I took my family and neighbors back to Coyote Gulch and was able to be the experienced guide and share my knowledge with others.  It was just amazing! Thanks to her for being awesome.  - Meri

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Katie DeMille

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